Project Profile

ROW HOUSE AT JODHPUR - This high end project for a client located in outskirts of Jodhpur is a balance of refined and classy interiors that reflects the client’s lifestyle. Added with sophisticated richness in color, texture, innovative design and luxury this project was way beyond aesthetic.
KULAI RESIDENCE - The guest room with off-white walls; a texture which introduces a refined personal ambience to the room. The use of mirrors on walls and wardrobe reflects the glimpse and sense of spaciousness.
FLAT AT LOKHANDWALA - Here we have a modern concept but with a liberal use of warm colours to allow a cozy feel to the home decor. Materials like sleeper wood & textured wall surfaces have been used in combination with smooth finished materials
R. G. STONE ASTROLOGICAL HOSPITAL - R.G.Stone is a chain of Urological specialty and gynecology care hospitals across India. This Centre in Goa breaks the orthodox monotony of a typical hospital.
STREAX SALON - This is a chain of grooming salons proposed to be introduced all over the country by Hygienic Labs Ltd, a beauty care products company. The basic theme is designed using the color green, inspired by the product logo and signage.

Milind Pai

Milind Pai Architects & Interior Designers

Milind Pai - Architect & Interior Designer was established in 1987 the vary 1st year Ar Milind Pai passed out from Sir J J College of Architecture. The core purpose since Inception has been to ‘Inspire creativity’. Since then this firm has evolved into a dedicated team of professionals committed to designing excellence and offering comprehensive service in the field of Architerture Interior Designing and Project Consultation. The result is unique and the customized spaces that that translate from the client briefs are those that transformed anticipating future trends and acknowledging the latest international design styles.                                                                   

This team brings in almost 28 years of experience in the design industry to create compelling and all-encompassing branded solutions. Ar. Milind Pai has executed projects with commitment extending beyond expectations to achieve a character and tone that fits perfectly with each design brief.

Specializing in various Verticals of design from Architecture to Hospitality, Corporate office, Retail, Residential, Institutional and Health Care Interiors, they maintain a diverse portfolio. The firm brings into the industry the latest in trends and technology in each vertical that gives an added edge to their diverse clientele.  The goal is to create unique and distinctive designs for every project. The Designers in the firm strive with passion and individualism at the core of each project, bringing the clientele, instant recognition while maximizing the consumer's atonement.


The well-trained design team undertakes professional designing job & execute them in close coordination with various agencies engaged for the job.  The projects are closely monitored by the site coordinators & the total management of the Project is taken care of as a one-stop solution

The projects handled by this firm are varied ranging from Offices, Banks, Retail & Restaurants in Commercial Interiors to Guest Houses, Apartments, Pent Houses & Bungalows in Residential Interiors. A wide variety of important interior design projects, have earned the firm its proud reputation as highly versatile innovators and creative problem solvers.

Besides Mumbai they have execute projects in 25 other Indian cities and 3 International Cities.

Their projects are widely covered by Design Magazines and professionally the firm is very well known for quality of designs they produce.