Project Profile

INDO US-MIM TEC, BANGALORE Indo-MIM: is a Bangalore based manufacturer and supplier of precision-engineered products using Metal Injection Molding (MIM) technology. Their state of the art facilities are a resource for conceptualizing, designing and manufacturing complex precision components and sub-assemblies of their products.
KARNATAKA STATE HOCKEY ACADEMY (KSHA), HOCKEY STADIUM, BANGALORE: Hockey is India's national game and its importance is felt over the number of tournaments held though the years. The Karnataka state Hockey Academy (KSHA) built the Hockey stadium in Bangalore for the National Games held in India. VBT Consortium was commissioned to design the stadium with its attributes and features.
METRO SHOWCASE, HYDERABAD: Maytas was commissioned to implement the Metro (Subway trains) construction in Hyderabad. The Client wanted to implement a Showcase structure. The structure would translate into a station and would be a museum for Railways and Trams. The brief given to VBT was to translate their corporate identity and the essence of Metro into a futuristic impression for the generations to come.
NATURE SPA & RESORT, GOA: is a union territory of India known for its crystal beaches which attract a host of domestic and international tourists. The number of resorts and hotels in Goa cater to the wide range of tourists and their interests. VBT Consortium was commissioned to design and conceptualize 68 acres of contoured land with close proximity to the shoreline of Goa into a holistic teaching and rejuvenating spa resort.
SJR PRIMECORP PVT LTD SJR: Equinox is a condominium of apartments on Electronic city. It was one of the first residential communities to be built on that stretch catering to the futuristic vision of its client in providing activities and facilities integration in community living complexes. Electronic city is one of Bangalore's premier and robust IT zones designed on the scale of "Silicon valley" dominated by large facilities of Infosys, Wipro, Siemens, HCL to name a few.



AR. V.T. ANAND completed his bachelor’s in architecture in 1976 from U.V.C.E. Bangalore. A rank holder in the university, Mr. Anand developed keen architectural designing and detailing skills very early on, a legacy from his father, the late Mr. V.b. Thammiah, the founder of the firm

after completing his formal education, Mr. Anand amassed a vast experience and international experience working with one of the top architectural firms in Nigeria. Returning home with this enriching experience, he proceeded to take on the mantles of m/s. V. B. Thammiah and associates, handling with expertise various multi-disciplinary projects.
Projects ranging from individual houses to public buildings, institutional campuses to industrial buildings have all been a part of an illustrious career spanning over three decades. Well known and recognized in social and professional circles, Mr. Anand has been a key member in establishing m/s. VBT consortium, one of the fore running architectural firms in south India.

A keen sportsman and an avid golfer, Mr. Anand is well travelled and has immense international exposure to the diverse architectural styles, ethnicities and cultures across the globe.


VBT consortium has a diverse portfolio. Nuclear power plants, missile testing hangers, highly engineered industrial buildings, class 10,000 environments, sports complexes, integrated townships, software parks and condominiums are some of types of the projects handled by the firm.We respond to each stimulus by being totally committed to our work, constantly searching to balance many different aspects of the project, be it finance aesthetics or structural stability.

VBT was formed by late Mr. V.B. Thammiah in 1956.
VBT Associates has been one of the oldest firms of Bangalore. The firm’s zeal to learn, conceptualize designs and practice functional and innovative architecture has been appreciated from the very years of its formation. Firm was involved in prestigious projects like music academy, Vijaya bank head office in M. G. road. VBT has always been open to collaborative learning to achieve higher standards of designs.