Project Profile

HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS - CHENNAI, BANGALORE: Just awarded the Best Hotel Of the Year at the Hotel Investment Conference, South Asia(HICSA) , South Asia in the mid-market category 2015, The Holiday Inn Express and Suites have set standards for excellence. Design, local sensibilities and market economics have been woven to create a product that is best in its class and has created a benchmark for other projects in its category.
LEBUA VILLAS, JAIPUR: Exclusive and completely private, the villas offer a lavish spacescape within the Devi Ratan hotel. Extending the Navratan concept, the villas are expressed as jewels set with gold, silver and copper metallic finishes.
ONE AVIGHNA PARK - PAREL MUMBAI: Public lobby and entrance foyer of prime residential development. Design Statement :The monumental volume is garlanded by an installation that uses over 60000 pieces of delicate crystal pieces, woven together to create ornamental necklace-like forms that unify the space and are held aloft in the more formal entrance and lobby areas. The device delicately alludes to traditional arrival rituals and rites of passage that are so much a part of the local Maharashtra community.
RASA - AMER: 90 tented five star design hotels in Amer, India. A series of elegant white cube tents set in the landscape achieve formal simplicity & rhythmic progression. Using traditional motifs and profiles with modern techniques of conception and production the Devi Rasa complex is informed by its past and yet transcends it.
SOHAM HOUSE: The Soham House expresseses the Tropical skin as programmatically responsive mathematical mosaics. The programmed within the interior spaces dictates the intensity and flow of light required within the spaces and the skin of the building is derived thereof.

PRONIT NATH - Urban Studio

Urban Studio

Urban Studio is a multi disciplinary firm with a boutique vibe and we enjoy a 360 degree approach right from master planning to the smallest product details. We want to build something that can stay relevant in the perspective of time.Our work in India operates within the cultural context of the country and yet suggests that each project is a product of cultural mutation and reinvention. We try and maintain the spirit of each location, desire of people and attempt to integrate the real, imaginary and the symbolic with ease. Our work questions the political and ethical responsibility of the contemporary Indian designer and is concerned with its public consequences. We aim for simplicity, conceptual rigor and material invention:

Our designs 
strive for shadows and 
gusts of the Arabian Sea.