Project Profile

ASTARC : The client’s brief was to create a classical ambi¬ence along the lines of old American bankers of¬fices. Departing from the then prevailing trend of minimalist designs, we have created a juxtaposi¬tion of clean lines and period furniture pieces and thereby achieved a contemporary touch to the otherwise traditional design language.
BOMBAY GYMKHANA : Bombay Gymkhana has under¬gone imposed and emulative changes as can be seen from the study of the existing struc¬ture. It suggests that there exists a certain dichotomy between its exterior expression and the treatment of the interior spaces.
NIFT : NIFT Extension The design incorpo¬rates a series of interlinked courts to continue a design language similar to that of the existing building. Rather than a physical connection the proposed building gets linked through its open spaces resulting in a continuous movement axis interspersed with courts. Use of materials such as copper along with ex¬posed concrete and stone masonry gives the building facades texture and a richness which complements the existing structure and unifies the enitre campus.
RADISSON BLU, RANCHI : The Radisson Hotel, Ranchi The extensive views towards the west and south govern the basic planning of this hotel where the rooms get configured in an L-shape, enveloping the pool deck in between. The tower block is situated on a podium which houses -all the restaurants and bar areas along with the banquetting facilities at the base level.
TGB HOTEL AND BANQUET : The Grand Bhagwati Hotel & Banquets, Surat is designed to provide 5 star hospitality, spacious banqueting facilities and a clubhouse within the bustling city of Surat, the entire planning revolves around cleverly combining these three activities, all in one complex.

Rohit Mankar

Parallax Design Studio

Rohit Mankar is a graduate from the Center for Environmental Planning and Technology (CEPT), Ahmedabad in 1998. He pursued the Masters Program in Urban Design and Theory at the University of Pennsylvania in 2001-2002.

Rohit completed his professional training with WATG in London in 1995 and participated in a student exchange program with ETH Zurich in 1996. He worked with Kapadia Associates between 1998-2000 on various prominent architectural & interior projects in Mumbai.

Rohit has also been a visiting faculty at KRVI of Architecture, Mumbai.

Parallax Design Studio was established in 2005 in Mumbai.

The firm’s approach to creative problem solving begins with the observation and understanding of the unique values of each client. The central concern of the practice is excellence in design, achieved through active collaboration with engineers, consultants, artists and artisans.

The firm deals with a wide range of projects and the work is not restricted to a particular genre. Active participation in design competitions and exhibitions is also encouraged.

Parallax Design Studio finds it important to stay connected to the field of academics and interacts with students through teaching and juries. The firm also encourages internships in architectural design as well as other related fields of graphic design and product design.

Parallax Design Studio collaborates with Prakash Mankar Associates, a renowned hospitality interior design firm based in Mumbai, India.