Project Profile

JAGUAR LANDROVER SHOWROOM : The first showroom in India for the luxury car brand, located in Ceejay House, a TPA designed building in Mumbai. The showroom is a clean and modern open space with a mezzanine level of offices overlooking the double heighted showroom, with large show windows and organic shapes.
RELIANCE INDUSTRIES CORPORATE OFFICES : With a professional association stretching back over a decade, TPA is very proud to be associated with Reliance; India’s largest private sector company.
VANDAN CORPORATIVE : Vandan Corporative is a high-end residential building in Valkeshwar that will tower over the Mumbai skyline providing gorgeous views of the ocean and also of Marine Drive bay. The building was painstakingly designed adhering to the wisdom of the Vedic principle of Vastu, the ancient Hindu science of construction.
MUMBAI AIRPORT : TPA is currently in the process of redesigningTerminal 1-A of the existing Mumbai domestic airport. The challenge of such a project was working with the old structure and in a phase wise manner soas not to disrupt the operations of the existing terminal. It was our desire to create a space of globalstandards but yet imbibe a traditional flavor, byincorporating certain Indian motifs woven into our design.

NAUSHIR DE VITRE - Talati and Panthaky Associates

Talati and Panthaky Associates

Director of Talati & Panthaky–Associated Pvt. Ltd. G.D. ARCH, A.I.I.A, A.I.I.I.D,  Registered with Indian Green Building Council.Naushir has been with TPA since its inception from 1964 onwards. As such, he has been instrumental in creating many of the core values and design practises. His creations have won critical acclaim and brought recognition to his unique abilities as both architect and interior designer. His designs and concepts have been widely acclaimed. A leading proponent of LEED practises.

Naushir brings with him immense experience, spanning five decades in the areas of both interior design and architecture. His experience and talent renders him one of the key pillars of TPA with several high profile projects for both corporates as well as private residences for leading personalities in the country. Naushir is currently handling multiple profile projects simultaneously in the fast paced dynamic environment of India's budding economy today. He is in line with the fast changing trends in architecture and strives to create environments that are long lasting with clean elegant forms. He is constantly exploring new innovative materials in his design and strives to create a more environmentally sensitive approach to architecture and design.