Project Profile

A UNIQUE HEALTH CARE: Good health and good sense are two of life’s greatest blessings and to be fit and fine let’s walk into a specialized of Kamalnayan Bajaj Hospital at Aurangabad. Hospital need to be clinically functional, easy on maintenance and aesthetically pleasing.
DENTAL CARE: The first thought of designing a dental clinic was considered a routine affair but after having designed "Smiles Forever" a dental clinic treating kids and adults the outlook towards designing a healthcare space has been fine tuned. Most of us get petrified when it comes to visiting a dentist and specially when it comes to kids its even more. So the challenge was not only in designing an aesthetically pleasing clinic but also how best to divert the attention of the kids from the treatment phobia.
JEWELLERY SHOP The jewellery shop had a very distinct brief from the client- a Designer's showroom for jewellery for few displays only. And an area for silverware. Hence the approach followed. Simple straight lines but with a classiness in choice of materials to match the desired trend. Display units wear an individualistic style. Each unit has two tiers both lit seperately with LED Lights
Residence: A rectangular living room offered simple configuration for seating with minimum furniture items. Circular cove lighting, glass partition(divider between living room and dining) with edged leaf designs, tall openings at windows, the tall door at the entrance, beige marble on the floor and part of the walls added to the grandeur of the room.

Bakir Baldiwala

Baldiwala Associates

Bakir Baldiwala has a passion to infuse his very own artistic expressions in any given site and convert it into a stunner.  An obsession with precision in design has kept him successfullybelonging to the profession of interior designing since over three decades.  Bakir can be counted amongst the league of men who accidentally discover their passion in their pastime.

His designs have traversed across Corporate Offices, Public Places, Private Bungalows , Residential Apartments, Showrooms as well as Hospitals.

He strongly believes that human touch is the real genius behind any creation.  All his designed work places spell practical approach and houses invariably exude the warmth of a home.  His traditional work ethics made him realize that technological mediums can best be explored to speed up work execution but its human insight that can add great finesse to any piece of work.


1) Designer of the Year Award- 1997 for Wodehouse Gymkhana  LTD.  (Accomodation Times)
2) Designer of the Year Award -1999 for Onward Novell Software (India) LTD., -Pune- (Accomodation Times)