Project Profile

Oasis Shopping Mall This design was based on the client's requirement of having retail outlets with a total single floor area of 277,000 sq.ft. This mall was proven to have been quite an economically viable design (in terms of the economic return) for the client.
Lusaily Apartments Client Emaar
GLOCAL UNIVERSITY, SAHARANPUR, UP, INDIA The concept for the development of the master plan has been formed after analyzing the various functions, such as - academic, residential, community functions, etc - and the existing site conditions.
Dubai LondonClinic
Inter-Emirates Taxi Station Client: Dubai Municipality Location: Deira, Dubai, U.A.E. Project Cost: US$ 5 Million Scope: Complete design, consultancy and project management Year of Completion: 1985

Shyam Kolhatkar

Al Wasl Al Jadeed Consultants (AWAJ)

Mr. Kolhatkar, an Indian national studied in Mumbai where he took his diploma in architecture in 1968. He came to Dubai in 1971 and worked as a junior architect with M/S Cagdas and Associates on the Dubai Police Headquarters. 
He later joined the Dubai Branch office of M/S Sabah Abi Hanna and Associates as a senior architect responsible for the Carlton Tower and the Carlton Hotel project in Dubai and Sharjah respectively. He met Mr. Obaid Ghanim in late 1981 and started Al Wasl Al Jadeed Consultants. 

Founded in 1981 jointly by Mr. Obaid Ghanim A. R. Al Mutaiwie and Mr. Shyam Kolhatkar, Al Wasl Al Jadeed Consultants (AWAJ) is a leading firm of consulting architects with special expertise in the design of commercial, industrial and residential properties. 

Our founder’s vision was to fill an important niche in the field of architecture and formed a local design practice to meet individual client needs within the Middle East. Our practice soon developed into an integrated firm, with the addition of specific disciplines like engineering, to compliment our architectural expertise. 

As a 100% local establishment, we retain a full staff of architects and planners while also providing consulting services. The service package we provide embraces most aspects of engineering projects, namely architectural, town planning, civil, structural, electrical and mechanical engineering.

Our prime objective is to make our buildings attractive, sustainable and built to last. We pride ourselves with the ability to bring creative solutions to any design challenge that comes our way and always deliver the best experience our firm can offer. 

We are recognized as being one of the leading architectural firms in the UAE today, with three decades of experience and over 250 clients served. Our efficiency and potential has significantly evolved and we now cater to clients in the Middle East, Asia and Africa.