Project Profile


Anand Bhagat and Amala Sheth


Metaphors' is a professionally managed, vibrant team of architects and interior designers that has made its way through rigorous 25 years of design, excellence and perfection that beholds an interesting story of its birth. The makers and a perfect duo, Ar. Amala Sheth and designer Anand Bhagat strike a perfect balance in every creation. The term 'Metaphors' too comes from a very deep thought which reflects their thought process and design styles.

Staunch believers in originality, they are inspired by nature and hence quote "Every art form is a derivative of nature. Being total non conformists, we are constantly evolving & re-inventing stylistic concepts for all our projects. We explore every aspect of the symbiotic relationship between form and function, the metaphysical relationship between mind and matter and strive to achieve a perfect equilibrium between the art and science of Architecture & Interior designing."

At Metaphors one can experience a constant flow of positivity and innovation as a way of conduct of every team member present here.

It is an open forum school created by Amala and Anand where an individual is free to express and execute and innovate. The team is headed by senior associates where every associate is specialized over the years in interiors , architecture and landscape and design as a package. Every project has a dedicated senior associate and a team of his own that facilitates a clients comfort level of communication and ease of sharing and hence a very productive design process throughout for both sides.

Project parameters are studied thoroughly, taking cognizance of such diverse factors as location, topography, climatic factors, traffic flow, utilities, infrastructure & communication systems, securities & safety standards, HVAC, electrical & networking requirements, along with any user-specific requirements.