Project Profile

WINERY PROJECT - Client : Fratelli Wines pvt Ltd, Location : Akluj, Maharastra, Plot Area : 11,501 sq m, Built up, Area : 2679.44 sq m, Status : Completed in 2010
THE WALL AND THE WHITES - Client : Dr.Suhasini & Mr.Yatin Shah, Location : Solapur, Plot, Area : 571 sq.m , Built up Area : 210 Sq.m, Status : Completed in 2007
HANGING GARDENS - Client: Dilip Jadhav and Builders, Location : Kolhapur, Plot Area : 445.80 Sq M, Built up Area : 623.80 Sq M, Status : Completed in 2011
DUDHANE HOUSE - Client: Mr.Kishore Dudhane, Location : Kolhapur, Plot Area : 501.86 Sq.m, Built up Area : 328.34 Sq.m, Status : Completed in 2008
YASHMAN, TWIN BUNGALOWS - Client: D M Patil and P M Patil, Location : Kolhapur, Plot Area : 3208.25 Sq M, Built up Area : 944.82 Sq M, Status : Completed in Feb 2007

Sunil Patil - SPA

Sunil PAtil Associates

Ar.Sunil Patil is the Principal Architect at Sunil Patil and Associates with a Bachelors Degree in Architecture in 1989-90, from Kolhapur, India. With more than 26 years of experience has successfully executed more than 375 projects in various sectors. He has delivered many seminars on various topics in architecture and also has written architectural articles for various news paper. His works have been published in more than 70 magazines and journals. He has won various architectural awards and competitions.

SPA is dedicated to environment friendly sustainable architecture and to bring client's dreams and aspirations into reality. Since the inception of the firm in the year 1994 SPA has developed into one of the innovative and respected firm. SPA has completed numerous versatile projects which include Public Buildings, Hospitality, Townships, Commercial Complexes, Institutional Blocks, Villas, Interior designing etc. 

 SPA is also known for its innovative use of materials and has been pioneer in introducing new materials.
Care for the nature, people and the society as a whole is one of our prime values which are demonstrated in all our projects and our lifestyles. Our creative designs are complemented by our prompt and quality project management. We approach our designs from different perspectives which enable us to innovate, make optimal use of the space by blending together two core necessities of a world class designs; creativity and modern technology.