Project Profile

As a leading organization of the country they had certain set, set of norms and guild lines, which had to be followed. From sizes to certain quality standards.
The main challenge was to create a global office environment; however the greater challenge was to achieve LEED certification with a unique design scheme. Use of only Low VOC paints, no indirect lights, achieving certain watts per Sq.Ft in lighting, use of only approved and specified water fixtures for LEED parameters, were few of the challenges which the architect achieved while giving the space its own identity.
The firm, a household Indian name, is a 30,000 Sq. Ft. office situated in Mumbai, India. They required a superior design that would have a longer life span as well as a workspace that catered to various departments as well as maintained multiple synergies. The budget being moderate, the main challenges were the levels in flooring as well as achieving good acoustics due to the nature of construction.
We were tasked with creating a warm and inviting reception area that accommodated different visitor and user profiles. The workspace was to feature two zones: the executive cabins and the workstation area that were to appear distinct while conveying a sense of design unity.
Keeping this challenge in mind, the design team opted to go through with the construction in a phase wise manner, so as to not obstruct the functioning of the workspace. The fresh contemporary design expresses the modern sophistication of the firm and establishes a Zdynamic work environment.

Ninad Tipnis

JTCPL Designs

An alumnus of Academy of Architecture, Ninad Tipnis is, Principal Architect, JTCPL DESIGNS.
Ninad with his dedicated team has taken JTCPL Designs from its budding stage to a stage, where the firm is one of the best known workspace design practices in India.

JTCPL Designs has worked with some of the world's best corporates and banks all across India. As the Principal Architect of JTCPL Designs, Ninad has spearheaded various projects and has developed ongoing relationships with some illustrious clientele like Emirates, Visa, Nokia Siemens Networks, Deutsche Bank, PublicisGroupe, Axis Bank Limited, TATA AIG, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, BMW, K. RahejaCorporation, Standard Chartered Bank, Westpac Banking Corporation and many more...
The design firm has won various awards, recent ones being the IIID award for excellence in Workspace design as well as the Artists in concrete award for space planning and functionality at Asia level .
Ninad has also been selected as one of the top 50 Architects in the country by Architect and Interiors India’s, iGEN Design Forum 2012.

Ninad's personal design philosophy is characterized by simplicity, distinct lines and forms that incorporate a sense of flexibility as well as scalability.
Ninad is a speaker at various design platforms and personally enjoys sharing his experiences in workspace design with students.