Project Profile

A-Class Marble India Pvt. Ltd. saw its inception in 2005, and within no time, the group became one of the largest importers of exquisite marble. They bring in marbles from many quarries from Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal, France, Iran, Turkey. Vietnam, China and many other countries from across the globe.
In a quiet street of Jaipur, Vipin built his own residence that judiciously uses a humble 111 Sq Yards. The challenge was to make a dream home, able of expressing architecture values & his emotions while covering basic needs of its inhabitants. He imagined a space full of tranquility.
The owner of this house spends most of his time in Europe, thus wanted to have a home in India which would help him connect to his Indian heritage and cultural values. This residence was conceptualized with the amalgamation of traditional elements juxtaposed modern elements.
Mr Ritesh Jain had an old corner residence in Jaipur. His mother was emotionally attached with the house, so he decided to renovate the house. The requirements included a lavish home though simple and elegant with a modern theme.
The residence belongs to a Ship Captain Mr. Rohit Agarwal who spends most of his time sailing. Thus, the idea was to design the house in a way that makes the family feel his presence even when he is absent. Thus, we started by understanding and analyzing the socio-psychological threads that connect the client's family together.

Vipin Bakiwala

Vipin Bakiwala Design Studio

Earned B-ARCH in 2004 where I received numerous honors and awards. I have worked and associated with many architects, engineers and developers over the past 14 years. I have worked independently on numerous projects - including residential, farmhouses, export houses, manufacturing units, schools, hospitals, corporate offices and many other commercial projects. Some of the projects are published in magazine - "The Design Source ".