Project Profile

HardCastle Restaurants – McDonalds - Conceiving an exuberant and hassle-free environment was a precept from the onset of the project. While perpetuating the brand’s identity, the space needed to stand out to be in a class of international standards.
House on the link - The house finds itself in close proximity to the Sea Link, and hence the client was ambitious and determined to capture the breathtaking view from almost every zone in the house. Embracing the entire concept of bringing the outside in, the design is highlighted with the opening up of the west sea facing facade through a translucent charade of sliding folding glass doors.
Third Montage - Making your way up the stairs and walking down to the door at the end of the corridor, it’s hard to imagine the memories embedded into any home. It is even harder to imagine memories that span over three generations of a family such as that of the client.
The Terraced House - Secluded in the heart of the city, on the summit of a skyscaper, The Terraced House touches base with its surroundings. Encasing the crowning three levels of the towering structure, the lowest floor is the family zone that houses bedrooms in addition to a warm and vibrant family room.
Mountania - This Spanish villa, set in the idyllic surround of Aamby Valley, is a perfect weekend getaway that provides a certain sense of serenity through its classic design style. The interplay of enclosed spaces with semi-open extentions creates interest in the overall scheme. The white stucco texture of the walls, coupled with stark blue windows, lends the Spanish-Greek character to the villa. On the other hand, the terracotta tiles on the roof and sandstone flooring add a touch of local flavour.

Puran Kumar

Studio PKA

Established in 1993 as PKA, the design studio is a well-established practice providing complete design solutions in interior-architecture. With corporate interiors as its core strength, the studio has slowly expanded its horizons to designing other spaces as well and has a wide spectrum of projects from corporate to residential including bungalows and villas.


The past two decades have seen the practice grow from a small design studio to becoming one of the preferred practices in the industry. Effective space planning, clutter-free designs and precision in time management are the prominent features of each project and have become the hallmark of the studio. With strict processes in place that are followed for each project, the studio has earned a formidable reputation that holds it in great stead.