Project Profile

THE INFOSYS GLOBAL EDUCATION CENTRE in Mysore is a vision of grandness brought to life with its sweeping, majestic dome and colonnades in Doric style. The design encompasses the values of this global company, the lifestyle of its users and its context in an ever evolving campus.
HYATT REGENCY - With its sleek glass walls and clean rectilinear lines, the Hyatt regency Hotel embodies a highly refined modernistic architectural style. Strategically located in the vicinity of Mumbai’s Sahar International Airport, it is a collaborative design between the Chicago- based architects Skidmore, Owings and Merill and Architect Hafeez Contractor.
INFOSYS SBDPARK 4 - Jagged facades and lopsided fragments style the aesthetic of the software development block. It is situated on a tremendously contoured site in the existing Infosys campus in Mysore. The design inspiration came from the rugged profile of the landscape. The architect on his first visit to the site decided on instituting a concept that would echo the spirit of the site. The architecture also draws the tenets of origami, a Japanese art of folding paper.
MIAL CSI - As part of Indian Government’s Initiative of modernizing and restructuring airport infrastructure, the architect was commissioned to give a long overdue facelift and space addition to the Delhi and Mumbai airport terminals, between them, Delhi and Mumbai account for a large quantum of the local air traffic but the facilities were rundown and undersized.
THE IMPERIAL SD is India’s tallest twin towers meant for the connoisseurs of fine living. This residential phenomenon is the perfect address for those who like grandeur in everything - Including Comfort and Luxury. The Imperial Stands Soaring at a Height of 827 ft in the Plush South Mumbai A unique club concept which is a world-class independent identity and offers international standard services including guest suites at par with five-star hospitality.



Hafeez Contractor did his Graduate Diploma in architecture from Mumbai in 1975 and completed his post-graduation from Columbia University New York on a Tata Scholarship. Hafeez Contractor commenced his career in 1968 with T. Khareghat as an Apprentice Architect and in 1977 he became the associate partner in the same firm. Between 1977 and 1980 Hafeez acted as a visiting faculty at the Academy of Architecture, Mumbai. His practice had modest beginnings in 1982 with a staff of two. Today the firm has over 530 employees including senior associates, town planners, architects, interior designers, cad operators, civil engineering team and architectural support staff including render and graphic teams.

Architect Hafeez Contractor, the firm which is winner of over 70 National and International Awards has conceptualized designed and executed a wide range of architectural projects like bungalows; residential developments; hospitals; hotels; corporate offices; banking and financial institutions; commercial complexes; shopping malls; educational institutions; recreational and sports facilities; townships; airports; railway stations, urban planning and civic redevelopment and infrastructure projects. Hafeez Contractor was a member of the Bombay Heritage Committee and New Delhi Lutyens Bungalow Zone Review Committee. Architect Hafeez Contractor is currently empanelled and working with various housing boards of different states including Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh.